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Sarah Treadwell is a movement professional. She teaches Pilates Fusion classes in the Dandenong Ranges, an hour east of Melbourne. Sarah has a Biological Science background and  teaches Biology and Psychology at Swinburne University in Melbourne. She has been teaching for over 15 years.

Sarah began her training as a yoga teacher, undertaking her 500 hour Yoga training at Moksha. Having found a passion for injury prevention and management, Sarah took further training in Pilates, Injury Management and Prevention, Core Functional Fitness and Nutritious Movement Practices.

Through her ongoing training and teaching, Sarah began to develop her own style of integrated movement practice termed – ‘Pilates Fusion’. These classes are a unique blend of effective movement techniques blending Pilates and other movement styles. Classes involve strength training, balance work and controlling the range of movement of the body. She has a particular interest in functional movement during everyday life. Sarah combines her love of Pilates, yoga, functional movement and biomechanics in her classes, focusing on anatomy, alignment and biomechanics. She firmly believes in applying evidence based and up- to-date movement principles in all classes.

Sarah undertakes continuous education to develop her skill set and this style, and has studied the ASFYT series (Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers) with Jason Ray Brown of Zenyasa Yoga, New York, and Core Functional  Fitness with Hope Zvara, Wisconsin. Sarah frequently draws upon the work and teachings from physiotherapists, Pilates, Callanetics, and bio-mechanists such as Katy Bowman and Jules Mitchell. Sarah  has trained in yoga for pain management and is a registered Level 1 teacher with Yoga For Pain Care . Sarah currently offers ‘pain welcome’ yoga classes.

Sarah provides a safe, encouraging and light-hearted environment, where clients can learn and develop movement practices without judgment. She welcomes questions about the movement practiced in class. Her long term goal for people to have an increased awareness of movement and alignment for healthy and productive everyday living.


‘There is something very beautiful about the way Sarah teaches that is very respectful toward the body in a way that many other practices are not. There is a combination of opposites…a gentle warrior, a soft strength. There are slow meditative movements of the body and a slowing of the mind during the practice.’
(Danika B.)