Many clients say that a goal for their movement practice is improving flexibility. It is important to consider however how flexible you actually need to be to function optimally. Many people who claim to be naturally bendy actually have ‘hyper-mobility’ through certain joints. In these cases muscle strength is by-passed and forces are transmitted to the ligaments. Over-stretching for anyone, in particular the hyper-mobile, can lead to damage and deformation of connective tissue.

Pilates Fusion classes aim less at increasing extreme end flexibility, and more to controlling and improving the range of motion in the body. This means that actions are slow, controlled and taken to a point which is safe for the tissues. Over time the nervous system will adapt resistance levels and clients may discover an increased range of motion, without the damage to tissues.



‘Over the last 12 months of Pilates Fusion my flexibility has improved greatly and I have learnt to work to my body’s ability. For a person who finds it hard to sit still and is always on the go, yoga has taught me to slow down. I now think about whether I am breathing properly, flaring my ribs or locking out my arms or knees during the class. The breathing, stretching and strengthening exercises have assisted me in my everyday life. I appreciate the encouragement and the friendly manner in which Sarah shares her skills.’ 
(Lyn W.)