‘Pilates Fusion’, a unique blend of effective movement techniques which combines Pilates, strength training , core fitness, and natural movement techniques. Classes are planned in order to condition the body and help people understand how to move better in order to function more effectively in daily life. Classes vary each week, introducing new skills and revising techniques leant. Clients learn their movements compensations, and how to realign these so that their body functions more optimally.

A typical class will involve strength training, balance work, breath work, core conditioning and exploration of the range of movement of the body. Clients will be encouraged to use the props provided ( mini-balls, resistance bands, half domes, small balls) in order to achieve optimal results.

Each class is carefully and specifically prepared to form part of an overall program, with a specific focus on correct anatomical alignment in static poses and transitions.

Clients get individual alignment work and modifications to suit their needs and goals.

Classes are accessible for all – beginner to advanced


‘That was the most amazing class. I think I’m in love with Pilates Fusion…expect me there every week. Somehow you gave me a chiropractic/osteopathic/physio adjustment and now I feel straight and strong’
(Rachael C.)