This morning I tried a new class…It was an absolute powerhouse of a session, and I enjoyed the compliment of having the power of 100 lions in my strength (Lion’s gate open !)I’ve honestly not had an instructor have the knowledge and wisdom of how the body works and can articulate it in a way that there is no hierarchy – just damn amazing talent – than with Sarah Treadwell today… It was so inspiring to know that there are real practitioners of the body out there who are teaching posture related positions for actual physical alignment (which of course then helps centres our energy too right…) My practice for the day was amazing.
So I’m going to say this. If you live in Melbourne’s outer East, I urge you to get your body to one of her classes to understand how to fuse together different movement modalities fast. It will be different. It will be challenging. But boy will it be worth it’
(Rebeccah M.)

‘Sarah’s PIlates Fusion classes are fun and never boring. Each week Sarah introduces not one, but many cool poses/challenges which I have never known before which makes her classes so very different from the usual repetitive styles. Sarah shows great wisdom in creating a safe approach to each pose, thanks to her passion in anatomy and proper alignment. Having suffered from previous yoga injuries, I highly recommend Sarah’s PIlates Fusion as a much smarter and safer alternative.’
(Richard B.)

‘Sarah’s Pilates Fusion classes are a unique blend of Pilates, yoga, a passion for bio- mechanics and a solid understanding of human anatomy. As a regular attendee to her classes, Sarah has corrected my lifelong habits of poor posture. She has reversed what I thought were inevitable aches and pains of daily life. With focus on alignment, attention to breath, posture and strength building, I now face each day with a greater awareness of my own body, the way it moves. My practice has been invigorated. These classes are engaging, informative, and usually involve a few belly laughs.’
(Claire K.)

‘Over the last 12 months of Pilates Fusion my flexibility has improved greatly and I have learnt to work to my body’s ability. For a person who finds it hard to sit still and is always on the go, yoga has taught me to slow down. I now think about whether I am breathing properly, flaring my ribs or locking out my arms or knees during the class. The breathing, stretching and strengthening exercises have assisted me in my everyday life. I appreciate the encouragement and the friendly manner in which Sarah shares her skills.’ 
(Lyn W.)

‘There is something very beautiful about the way Sarah teaches that is very respectful toward the body in a way that many practices are not. There is a combination of opposites…a gentle warrior, a soft strength. There are slow meditative movements of the body and a slowing of the mind during the practice.’
(Danika B.)

‘Sarah is an attentive and inspiring teacher, I felt very supported. She is quick to correct alignment. I had fun learning new challenging postures.’
Penelope Avanitarkis)

‘As a person who suffers from chronic inflexibility, I was a little nervous when I first attended Sarah’s Pilates Fusion class.  However, my anxiety was completely unfounded – Sarah’s approach is gentle and supportive and she takes time to focus on each student’s specific needs.  I’d highly recommend her classes for anyone looking to take up yoga for the first time – flexible or not.’
(Jim McArthur)

‘I’ve been practising yoga on and off for years, but Sarah was the first instructor to really take time to look at my alignment and correct my posture. Since practising  with Sarah I feel that my strength and flexibility is increasing, and my practice is developing at a great pace due to her dynamic and attentive instruction.’
(Tiana Preston)

‘Last night I attended Sarah’s Pilates Fusion session. What a great class! Sarah clearly explained the function of all the muscles, which is great for building awareness of your body and how it works. The class included a mix of static and dynamic poses that worked on core strength, flexibility and flow. Sarah was also able to correct a couple of basic things that I had been doing incorrectly for years, that had never been picked up by other teachers. A really valuable class.’
(D. Benison)

‘Just attended Sarah’s class. It was a great class; a heavy  focus on correct technique. This is not about looking perfect but rather about maximizing benefit and preventing injury in the poses. Everyone should do these classes … no matter the stage of their practice … it’s always a good idea to remind yourself of correct technique. I had a Personal Trainer who used to say that if you’re going to invest time in exercise, make sure you are doing it correctly so that you get the biggest bang for your time investment.’
(Catherine Defina)

‘I am always amazed by how much Sarah knows about her craft. She knows exactly how to accommodate to my strengths and offer challenges throughout. She is so good at creating an atmosphere where I am both relaxed and having fun.’
(Ania Siwicki)

Sarah! I don’t know how you did it but my back is 100% on what it was… I am amazed at how much it has improved. Whatever it was, thank you so much for running our classes, I enjoy them so much.’
(Megan H.)

‘That was the most amazing class. I think I’m in love with Pilates Fusion…expect me there every week. Somehow you gave me a chiropractic/osteopathic/physio adjustment and now I feel straight and strong’
(Rachael C.)