Strength training is an important part of all Pilates Fusion classes. Weight bearing exercises are interlaced throughout the class so that clients become stronger and more confident with movement in daily life. Exercises are based on a variety of movement techniques such as Pilates, Natural Movement and Functional Movement techniques.


  • Weight bearing exercises help to increase bone density. As weight is transmitted through the bone, bone building cells (osteoblasts) are stimulated whilst bone metabolizing cells (osteoclasts) are inhibited. Bone building is significant in aiding prevention of conditions such as osteoporosis and decreasing risk of fracture.
  • Weight bearing exercises are also conducted with the use of resistance bands. These bands provide tension for the muscles as they contract. This not only helps to build muscle mass and strength, but also help tensile tissues such as connective tissue.



‘Sarah’s pilates fusion classes are a unique blend of yoga, a passion for bio- mechanics and a solid understanding of human anatomy. As a regular attendee to her classes, Sarah has corrected my lifelong habits of poor posture. She has reversed what I thought were inevitable aches and pains of daily life. With focus on alignment, attention to breath, posture and strength building, I now face each day with a greater awareness of my own body, the way it moves. My yoga practice has been invigorated. These classes are engaging, informative, and usually involve a few belly laughs.’
(Claire K.)